Creating Value in Your Property Build or Renovation Fitted Kitchens


You want to add a good value to your property build to help create a positive cost to building or the renovations a solid Kitchen can be a first port of call for many property developers let look at some options.” – Hank Zharis – Property Development Experts

A fitted kitchen is really just a kitchen that has uniform cabinets. The cabinets run wall to wall in a fitted kitchen. This offers maximum storage space and counter space – which is useful for all families and kitchens. Standard built-in cabinets – which are more economical – are used.

An unfitted kitchen has freestanding furniture. This offers much more personalized feeling to the kitchen as often times handcrafted items, custom cabinets, and repurposed flea-market finds are used to create an unfitted kitchen. Color palettes don’t always match and items can range from granite by the oven, butcher block, and pastry making supplies.

Finding Fitted Kitchen Furniture

Unless someone has a bucket load of money to spend on a kitchen – and who does except the top ten richest – they won’t usually go for the unfitted look unless they already have a majority of the materials they want in the kitchen.

Fitted kitchen furniture can be ordered online and found in stores. However, few companies can boast that they specialize in fitted kitchens.Unique Fitted is one company that really can boast that they specialize in fitted kitchens.

The company offers made-to-measure cabinets for your kitchen. Even if the space is an awkward shape (maybe it has this one part that juts out and you have no idea what to do with it), Unique Fitted will help maximize the space for storage and counter space.

They have five steps in their design process. They first visit the home and begin speaking about the re-designing. Next they take measurements and make suggestions. However, the choice is all up to the family. Once the choices have been made, Unique Fitted creates the plan using the designs. A quote will be given then and there. Once the family has agreed, furniture will be supplied and fitted within three weeks. Installation is usually done within twenty four hours from Unique Fitted.

An Idea of What They Offer

Among the services are a simple starter kitchen (which is around four thousand euros) and a specialized, custom kitchen can cost well over 30,000 euros. However, they have been in the business for over forty years. Honestly, they’re experts at fitted kitchens in the UK.

They guarantee their custom kitchens will be the lowest price you can find anywhere. Whether online or in the high street, they won’t be able to beat Unique Fitted’s prices.

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