Is Retro Fusion Here To Stay?

When it comes to inviting your friends to your home or advertising your house for sale. How the decor looks will greatly influence those who view your home. Looking closely at advice from it’s clear that having a home that stands out from the crowd will always serve you well.

Go Retro Fusion to attract Buyers

Whether Retro Fusion means linking vintage and Retro home styles with modern materials and styles to create visually a traditional look but with a modern twist

Classic Styles ReStyled

Retro chairs
Retro Fusion Home Decor

The success of has to be in part put down to the fact that they have managed to produce a succssion of furniture that has inspiration from the past. The traditional retro styles give that sense of cool elegance celebrating our parents styles but with a modern twist. Its this retro fusion that is making home interiors pure excitment. The reason being is that Retro Fusion can cover everything from wallpaper, carpets, sofas and decor.

Hipsters Inspire Retro Fusion

Hipsters home decor
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In London the rise of the Hipsters culture means its unfashionable to have shiny new styles, its cool to have objects in your home that could be aged, maybe from charity shops.

“The term ‘hipster’ encompasses everything that is quirky, creative and bang on trend. Hipsters have wholeheartedly embraced a minimalist trend and style that’s effortlessly more creative than the mainstream trends”

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Embracing a hipster home means mismatching several different trends and styles. The beauty of this look is that it mixes different design ideas – like classic and cool – with little thought or planning. The trend is influenced by a limited budget and vintage outlook.

Typical Retro Fusion Sofas

Classic sofa now retro fusion furniture

Chesterfield sofas are a typical celebration of past designs put into modern day home decor.

Chesterfied sofa

It is believed that Lord Phillip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield (1694-1773), commissioned the first leather chesterfield settee with its distinctive deep buttoned, quilted leather upholstery and low seat base. Aside from being a much-admired politician and writer, patron of Voltaire, the Earl was a known trendsetter. Today modern designers are creating the designs in all materials with some outstanding results. These classic styles with a modern twist are increasingly popular and here to stay. The designs stand the test of time and add some classic styling to any home.

Retro Fusion Wallpaper is here to Stay

1970s wallpaper classic retro look
1970s inspire retro wallpaper

Retro wallpaper can be fun, quirky and stylish, they will help create impact and put personality into a room. Everyone wants something different and commercial properties will always want to create something different. For this reason, alone Retro Fusion wallpaper is here to stay

Vintage Fusion Light Bulbs

Filament light bulbs retro fusion example

Who would have thought that we would admire lighting created in the 50’s and 60’s. The age of poor inefficient lighting with electrical wires on show and dim glowing bulbs. These are a fantastic example of Retro Fusion, the style of the past using the technology of the day

Filament light bulbs classic vintage lighting
Commercial use of retro lighting

Retro Clock True Retro Fusion

Retro fusion clock
Retro Clocks

1960s and 1970s was in some cases a dodgy era for design, the beauty of using vintage designs is that you can pick the designs that would look great today. Classic clocks are so popular the all major home decor stores will feature a wide range of clocks

1960s inspired clock

Vintage Apartment Examples

Vintage Fusion is Here to Stay!

Hope you enjoyed the styles from the past with a modern twist from Joyces Interiors

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